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Compressed air cylinders are pneumatic tools that move objects through the power of compressed air. Air cylinders are employed for numerous reasons in a wide range of settings. These cylinders can be used to open and close big doors. Is it any wonder that they are vital components of most businesses and industries? Below are just a few industries for you to consider benefitting from air cylinders and their various applications. Read More…

Compressed Air Cylinders Compressed air cylinders are pneumatic tools that use the force of compressed air to move things. Air cylinders are used in an extensive variety of contexts for many purposes. Large trucks are equipped with air cylinders as part of their air brake systems. They can be used to open and close large doors, move parts in equipment and facilitate the movement of many other kinds of objects in the contexts of industry, commerce and even in some consumer products contexts.
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Leading Manufacturers

Strongsville, OH  |  440-238-7343

Since 1958, Cylinders & Valves, Inc. has been a custom manufacturer and supplier of high quality air cylinders and accompanying valves. We service the U.S., Canada and International Markets. Some of the industries we serve include Government, Military, Tire and Rubber, Bottling and OEMs. With a wide range of air cylinders, our customers always find what they need. Contact our company today!

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Cylinders & Valves, Inc. $$$

Savannah, NY  |  315-563-3893

Pearl Technologies manufactures an innovative line of patented wear strips to meet or exceed your expectations. Pearl's products include a variety of air cylinders (rebuildable, rotating, high speed), hole punches and adapters, splicing adhesive and more. Contact us today for more information!

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Pearl Technologies, Inc. $$$

Lambertville, NJ  |  800-257-9515

Built on a reputable history of innovative air cylinder production, Lehigh Fluid Power offers brass cylinders, double acting cylinders, rotary cylinders, miniature air cylinders and other cylinder accessories from our range of quality products. Not only do we supply these standard cylinders, we also have the expertise and capability to meet custom requirements with competitively priced solutions.

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Lehigh Fluid Power, Inc. $$$

Walhalla, SC  |  800-229-4955

A manufacturer of pneumatic & hydraulic automation products & custom engineered switches, Nason has a wide range of design options available to ensure that the customer gets a product perfectly tailored for their needs. A variety of products offered includes pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, non-rotating load carrying cylinders, pressure switches, vacuum switches & custom cylinders.

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They serve as components of various machinery and enable the movement of other objects. For example, they are a component of the air brake systems on large trucks.

  • Automotive production
  • Supply industries
  • Food processing
  • Electronics
  • Mining
  • Packaging

Compressed air cylinders transform the potential energy of compressed gasses into mechanical energy. A cylinder, a piston, and at least one inlet are the components of an air cylinder. The piston is propelled to move when compressed air is introduced into the cylinder through the inlet. Valves manage the flow of compressed air into the cylinder.

Compressed Air Cylinder

Air cylinders can be set up in various ways, and how they are set up depends on how they are used. The most basic and prevalent cylinder types are those with a standard rod attachment. They can have a diameter of up to 1000 mm or, in the case of tiny air cylinders, a diameter as little as 2.5 mm. Cylinders with rods can move laterally, but other air cylinders (double-acting cylinders) can also move in both directions. Rotary air cylinders, meanwhile, move objects in a circular pattern.

Types of Compressed Air Cylinders and How They Operate

The two most common types of compressed air cylinders are single-acting and double-acting compressed air cylinders.

Single Acting Compression Cylinder
  • A single-acting cylinder can only move in one direction when functioning. A single-acting air cylinder uses a spring to provide the return force once the air pressure is released, and air pressure is applied to one side of the piston flange to provide force and motion. For a single operational cycle, single-acting cylinders need about half the air that double-acting cylinders do.
  • Double-acting cylinders are the most popular pneumatic because they provide total operator control over the piston movement. A double-acting compressed pneumatic cylinder has pressure on both sides and propels motion in two directions. Compressed air forces these cylinders to travel backward when pushed outward in one direction. The pressurized air is supplied into the cylinder using lines that enter both ends—the piston and piston rod move when pressurized air enters the cap-end port and the rod-end port. When the piston rod is retracted, it is in a negative position, and when it is extended, it is in a favorable position. The piston is propelled forward or positively when compressed air enters the cap-end port, lengthening the piston rod. The rod-end port is then forced to release air, and compressed air enters the rod-end port to retract the piston rod, forcing air out of the cap-end port to retract the piston to the negative position. Double-acting cylinders provide a variety of benefits over single-acting cylinders. They are more powerful and efficient and require less energy to perform most tasks. However, suppose the application calls for a base position during fail-safe situations in the event of compressed air loss. In that case, a double-acting cylinder shouldn't be employed since they use more energy than compressed air in both directions.
Double Acting Compression Cylinder

Advantages of Compressed Air Cylinders

As we have discussed, compressed air cylinders provide an excellent source of useful energy. Here, we consider some additional benefits they provide.

  • They are a light source of energy.
  • Compressed air cylinders are adaptable to many applications and environmental conditions.
  • They move objects in various directions.
  • They have many mounting options to ensure maximum performance further.
  • Many standard configurations are possible.
  • Devices can customize compressed air systems individually or as part of a system to offer virtually unlimited options for mechanical energy.
  • Compressed air provides a source of cheap and green energy.
  • Feedback sensors can be applied to accommodate multiple load positions.
Cylinder with Rod

Drawbacks of Compressed Air Cylinders

As we have seen, compressed air cylinders provide an excellent source of mechanical energy. But, sadly, as we know, there is no perfect energy source. Here, we examine some of the limitations of compressed air cylinders.

  • Single-acting pneumatic cylinders do not deliver a constant output force across the entire length of the piston stroke because of the opposing spring force. Additionally, the compressed spring's space limits the stroke of single-acting cylinders.
  • Compressed air cylinders can be dangerous in limited situations; if a valve cap breaks or is compromised, the cylinder can go flying and cause potential damage or injury.
  • Since air is compressible, the load can readily alter the cylinder's operating speed.
  • Frictional force significantly impacts their thrust when moving at low speeds, thus reducing performance.

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