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Pneumatic cylinders come in varying degrees of complexity allowing them to be useful in a wide variety of situations. Some types of pneumatic cylinders include:

Single-Acting Cylinders: These cylinders use compressed air pressure to drive something in one direction. These are typically used for tasks which do not require much force on the part of the cylinder.

Double-Acting Cylinders: These allow air in and out, in a kind of “double motion.” More force is created, but these cylinders are sometimes more volatile as a result (the rod can malfunction).

Telescoping Cylinder: True to its name, this rod can be single or double acting and allows the piston to segment through many different stages. While this cylinder can be powerful, it is often problematic in side loading.

Through Rod Air Cylinders: This type of cylinder has a longer piston rod which cuts through both sides. Because the piston itself moves through the entire cylinder, the force is also equal throughout the entire piston.

Tandem Air Cylinder: In this type of cylinder, two cylinders are used, typically one directly after the other. This provides twice as much force as a single-acting cylinder.

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