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Stainless Steel Cylinders Stainless steel cylinders, in the context of air cylinders, are pneumatic tools that use the force of compressed air to move things. Air cylinders push, pull, lift and open or close doors in all kinds of contexts. They can also hold, remove and position materials or pieces for manufacturing processes, they are used in the braking systems of large trucks and they can be used to open large doors in loading docks.

W.C. Branham Inc. designs and manufactures custom cylinders and valves for your application. We have in-stock low-profile round or square cylinders. Our air cylinders feature light-duty stainless steel cylinders. Our customers include automation, material handling, printing industries, and others.


Vehicles – truck plus recreational and specialty vehicles – are our specialty. We produce products to keep these items running. One of the choices in our air products line is air cylinders. 2 1/2” and 3 1/2” stainless steel cylinders and fifth wheel air cylinders are in the offering.


Pneumatic Cylinders & Couplers is a manufacturer of NFPA tie rod aluminum and stainless steel cylinders, pneumatic cylinders as well as special designs to meet unique customer applications. Pneumatic Cylinders & Couplers products are used in the food processing, printing and packaging industries. Visit our website today to view our online catalogs for more information!


JIT Cylinders designs and manufactures NFPA tie-rod and custom industrial hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. Bore sizes range from 5/16" to 30" and pressures up to 15,000 psi. With more than 100 years of manufacturing experience, we deliver consistent quality to meet your requirements.


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Stainless steel cylinders are pneumatic tools that use force from compressed air to move things. Stainless steel cylinders can be set up to perform a variety of functions. Just like any other pneumatic cylinder they can push, pull, open, close and lift items in all contexts. Additionally, they can hold, remove, or position materials for a variety of manufacturing processes and stainless steel cylinders are also used in truck braking systems and for opening large doors in loading docks.

How Stainless Steel Cylinders Work

A cylinder functions by using compressed air, or various fluids, to propel a piston. Pressurized air is introduced to the cylinder through an intake valve. Because of its strength, longevity, and oxidation resistance, stainless steel is employed in the building of cylinders. Sizes and layouts of stainless steel cylinders can vary greatly. They can have one or two ports, rods to help transmit the piston’s power, or no rods at all. The wide range of cylinder configurations that are feasible is a reaction to the wide range of settings in which they are used.

Stainless Steel Cylinder

There is at least one inlet on each cylinder and most stainless steel cylinder variations can be divided into one of two groups: single-acting or double-acting. A single-acting cylinder contains just one port where compressed air enters the cylinder and forces the piston to operate in a single direction; the piston may then be retracted by either a spring mechanism or through a change in pressure/load of weight. A double-acting cylinder, meanwhile, alternates the compressed air between ports on both sides of the piston through an additional inlet on the opposite side of the piston. As a result, the piston is repeatedly compelled to alternate movement back and forth.

A third type of stainless steel cylinder is known as a telescopic cylinder. In addition to its pneumatic cylinder, this device utilizes a pulley system to provide exceptionally long output travel from a very compact, retracted length. A common example of this device would be in oil drill rig operations.

What to Consider When Selecting a Stainless Steel Cylinder

The single-acting versus double-acting configuration is not the only way that cylinder types can vary from one another. The type of motion generated can also be different. For instance, rotary cylinders permit circular movement as opposed to lateral movement. Additionally, some cylinders may not contain rods. In order to shift loads, rodless cylinders frequently use cables instead to free up space. There are additional factors that must be considered when selecting a cylinder for use and these include:

  • Pressure and flow requirements: Knowing the force and speed at which the cylinder must function is the first step in this process and the operating pressure for a specific size of cylinder will depend on the force necessary. The speed of operation will depend on the flow rate. The performance of the pneumatic stainless steel actuator or cylinder may be impacted if other components are not selected properly based on what is being required
  • Environment: Pneumatic cylinders and actuators can be used in extremely high or low temperatures because of advancements in corrosion resistance. Stainless steel actuators or cylinders are particularly suitable to severe conditions because they can withstand harsh conditions.
  • Additional factors: Some other factors to consider when selecting a stainless steel cylinder may include its stroke (the distance the piston needs to function), its air consumption, and the various options available for mounting it to the equipment it will help power.
Round Line Stainless Steel Cylinder

Applications of Stainless Steel Cylinders

  • The primary problem for the manufacturing of food and beverages is, unquestionably, the adhesion and buildup of food particles and microorganisms on items- which stainless steel is well suited to resist. Stainless steel is also used in the food and beverage industry because of the frequently caustic wash-down processes involved there. Stainless steel's surface finish, meanwhile, maintains its integrity for extended durations of exposure to humid conditions because it is less susceptible to rust.
  • Stainless steel cylinders are best suited over other materials for applications where the working environment may be hostile, such as with aggressive chemicals or extreme temperatures.
  • Pneumatic cylinders made of stainless steel are also employed in the aviation industry and in the medical sector.
Stainless Steel Cylinder

Advantages of Stainless Steel Cylinders

  • Lightweight: The fact that the stainless steel cylinders are quite lightweight is one of their best features and these cylinders are easy to transport if necessary.
  • Reduced leaks and durability: These cylinders persist for many years and decades since the metal is so strong and long-lasting. The same factor guarantees that there will be fewer maintenance recurrences with these cylinders because, once installed, there won't be a need to worry about repairs or leaks for several years under most circumstances.
  • Thermal stability: Stainless steel has good temperature resistance throughout a broad range of applications. It is perfect for cryogenic applications since it can tolerate both very high and very low temperatures. It doesn't change even after being exposed to dangerous radiation and this prevents it from eventually wearing down or cracking.

Choosing the Correct Stainless Steel Cylinders Supplier

To make sure you have the most beneficial outcome when purchasing Stainless Steel Cylinders from a Stainless Steel Cylinders Supplier, it is important to compare at least 4 or 5 Companies using our list of Stainless Steel Cylinders suppliers. Each Stainless Steel Cylinders Company has a business profile page that highlights their areas of experience and capabilities and a contact form to directly communicate with the manufacturer for more information or request a quote. Review each Stainless Steel Cylinders {company website using our patented website previewer to get an idea of what each business specializes in, and then use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple Stainless Steel Cylinders businesses with the same form.

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