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Ortman Fluid Power/PHD is a leading company in the fluid power industry, providing high-quality pneumatic, hydraulic, and electromechanical actuators, cylinders, and other components. One of the core product lines offered by Ortman Fluid Power/PHD is their Air Cylinders. These cylinders are designed for a wide range of industrial applications and are available in a variety of sizes, configurations, and materials. Ortman Fluid Power/PHD's Air Cylinders are made from high-quality materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel, ensuring durability and longevity in even the most demanding environments.

Ortman Fluid Power/PHD offers a comprehensive range of air cylinder types, including:

Round Line Cylinders: These cylinders are designed for general-purpose use and are ideal for light to medium-duty applications.

NFPA Interchangeable Cylinders: These cylinders are built to NFPA standards, making them interchangeable with other manufacturers' cylinders, providing users with maximum flexibility and convenience.

Multi-Power® Cylinders: These cylinders feature a unique design that allows them to perform several functions, such as clamping, pressing, lifting, and positioning, making them highly versatile and cost-effective.

Position Feedback Cylinders: These cylinders are equipped with sensors that provide real-time position feedback, making them ideal for precision applications that require accurate positioning.

Guided Cylinders: These cylinders are designed with precision guiding systems that ensure accurate alignment and prevent binding, making them suitable for applications that require high precision and repeatability.

In addition to offering a wide range of Air Cylinders, Ortman Fluid Power/PHD provides comprehensive service capabilities, including:

Custom Cylinder Design: Ortman Fluid Power/PHD's experienced engineers can design custom Air Cylinders to meet the specific requirements of their customers, including unique sizes, configurations, and materials.

Repair and Maintenance Services: Ortman Fluid Power/PHD provides expert repair and maintenance services for all types of cylinders, ensuring that they operate at peak performance and minimizing downtime.

Technical Support: Ortman Fluid Power/PHD's knowledgeable technical support team is available to answer questions and provide guidance on selecting the right Air Cylinders for specific applications.

Training: Ortman Fluid Power/PHD offers training programs for customers and distributors to ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of the Air Cylinder products and their proper usage.

Ortman Fluid Power/PHD is a trusted leader in the fluid power industry, with a strong focus on Air Cylinders. With a wide range of products and service capabilities, including custom design, repair and maintenance, technical support, and training, Ortman Fluid Power/PHD is well-positioned to meet the diverse needs of customers across a wide range of industries.

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